Autoclave Service & Repair

Autoclave Service Repair

Autoclave and Sterilizers: Service, Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Our company provides New Jersey customers with reliable inspection, repair and maintenance services for autoclaves and sterilizers. Servicing these machines can improve the daily operations of your medical business. Even if you are unaware of an issue with the equipment, you should have these devices tested on a periodic basis. There are a variety of problems that can occur when your sterilization machines are used for a period of time. These problems might not be obvious to the untrained observer. This is why you should use the services of an expert technician who is trained to perform inspections and testing on the equipment.

Medical Equipment Repair

Our autoclave service professionals in New Jersey can enable your company to continue operating seamlessly. We can evaluate the condition and performance of each machine in order to determine the best course of action. Use the services of only the most qualified medical repair experts for optimal results. Any lapse in the services you are able to perform can reflect on your business. Our trained biomedical equipment service and repair technicians can perform these repairs efficiently so that you can continue providing services to your patients without interruption or delay. Administrators will enjoy the benefits that come with knowing that the machine is functioning properly. Our technicians have experience servicing thousands of devices in this region. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

When you hire our sterilizer repair technicians, you can be confident that the necessary procedures will be performed correctly. Our service professionals are trained to work on Midmark and Tuttnauer autoclave repair devices. In addition to performing maintenance, we also offer comprehensive equipment inspections. This includes things like checking for hidden electrical hazards, which can remain undetected. The inspection process is designed to uncover these types of hazards and provide us with the information needed to correct the situation before an accident or injury occurs. The cost of our tests is far less than the liability costs that could be incurred in the event of an accident.

Autoclave Service, Loaner Equipment

We offer sterilizer services that are performed by only the most qualified and experienced professionals. Maintaining your equipment is critical if you plan to remain in business. Failing to adhere to the correct maintenance program can cause sudden problems because issues could be present while the sterilizer appears to be working correctly. This is why we offer a loaner program. You can obtain loaner equipment to keep providing medical services to your patients while repairs or maintenance is being done.

Regular inspection and repair of steam autoclaves and sterilizers will save you money. This is important for medical companies who must conform to the laws governing sterilization equipment. We provide these services for all types of devices manufactured by Tuttnauer or Midmark. It is important to maintain your medical devices and sterilization machines in order to provide prompt and professional services to your patients. Delays can hurt the image of your business, so it is important to know who to call for fast and efficient autoclave repair.

Preventative Maintenance

Our expertise in this industry allows us to provide premium services to all of our customers in New Jersey and New York. Our medical repair company offers critical autoclave repair, sterilizer service and steam sterilizer maintenance to medical businesses in this area. The importance of a comprehensive maintenance program should be understood fully. Our annual preventative maintenance program is designed to help you stay on schedule without any interruptions. Doctors and office administers should understand the importance of safety when it comes to biomedical equipment service and repair.

Tuttnauer and Midmark manufactures various devices that require maintenance and repair on a periodic basis. Sterilizer repair services keep them working in optimal condition. When you use our medical equipment repair services, you can remain confident that your machines will be performing at the expected standards. The maintenance program works together with the repair services to keep the equipment free from valve leaks, deteriorating gaskets and clogged valves. We also follow an inspection protocol that will detect electrical hazards.

Administrators have a responsibility to perceive the importance of maintaining this equipment properly and act on the relevant information. When problems are located, our repair technicians can perform the procedures necessary to ensure that your sterilization equipment is functioning properly. Our professionals are properly trained to repair and maintain biomedical devices. In addition, our repair and inspection services will provide your company with the assurance needed to continue operating with confidence.

Sterilizer Service Offerings

Steam sterilizer services are an essential part of any medical equipment repair program. The steam sterilizer program involves a maintenance and inspection schedule designed to save you money over the lifespan of the equipment. The inspection includes a variety of tests that will cover critical areas and ensure that the sterilization machine is working correctly and safely. Our medical repair company can provide access to loaner equipment while the sterilizer repair services are being performed.

This is the perfect solution for medical offices that cannot afford to operate without functioning sterilization devices. In addition, you can consider the benefits of purchasing refurbished sterilization devices from our qualified sellers. Refurbished medical equipment can benefit your company because they provide the same level of performance at a significantly lower cost. Warranty options are available for these devices, and you can always expect top-notch performance from our biomedical equipment service and repair professionals.


Maintenance and inspection is essential for keeping your medical business compliant with the relevant laws in this state. Our service professionals are highly trained and qualified to perform a variety of critical tasks on these machines. We can detect a variety of issues with your machines in order to fix problems long before they have a chance to interfere with your practice. We have been in business for several decades and are confident that every customer will be pleased with the results. You can always contact our friendly staff to get additional details.