Equipment Rental

When it’s not the right time to purchase equipment, rent from our extensive inventory of high quality new, used, and refurbished equipment. Quince Medical & Surgical is committed to having high-quality equipment at our customers’ disposal. Have equipment available exactly when you need it.

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We offer:

  • EKG and ECGs
  • Autoclaves
  • Patient Monitors
  • C-Arms
  • Exam Tables
  • Surgical Tables
  • Anesthesia Machines

See below for a current list of rental equipment:

  1. Tuttnauer EZ9PLUS Autoclave
  2. GE MAC 2000 ECG
  3. Mindray Passport 12 Patient Monitor
  4. Midmark M11 Autoclave
  5. GE B650 Patient Monitor
  6. GE B450 Patient Monitor
  7. GE B40 Patient Monitor
  8. Mindray ePM 12M Patient Monitor
  9. Mindray AG+O2 Module
This is a picture of a Tuttnauer EZ9PLUS autoclave which sell and rent to customers.
Midmark M11 Autoclave
B40 Monitor