Medical Equipment Inspection and Calibration Services

Medical equipment inspection services are exceedingly important. The machines we use daily are so easily taken for granted, but they’re not perfect—they will eventually break down. But when these same machines can make the difference between life and death, the importance of proper maintenance takes on even greater weight. Regular inspection and consistent calibration ensure that your medical equipment operates at peak capacity. Examining your equipment also ensures that it meets the regulations mandated by law.

Improper readings stemming from the gradual falling out of factory-calibrated settings are a great example of the necessity of our medical equipment inspection and calibration services. A piece of equipment may appear to work, but it may be providing improper readings if it has gone a long time without recalibration. Take advantage of our medical device inspection and calibration services to keep your staff and patients safe while protecting yourself under the law.

We offer two types of medical equipment inspections. We provide:

  • Medical Equipment Calibration Services, which ensure that your medical equipment is operating
    • We utilize the proper calibration tools that allow us to test the actual output against the device’s readings—this ensures that your device is properly calibrated.
    • If your device isn’t calibrated correctly, we’ll restore it to the manufacturer’s original specifications.
  • Electrical Safety Inspections, which make certain that your medical equipment is safe for both the operator and the patient.
    • We check for proper grounding, any existing current leakage, frayed wiring, discolored prongs, and more.
    • All information is properly documented and stored so that we can better service your equipment.

Let us help ensure that your medical devices are operating at their best. Keep your medical device inspections up-to-date with our medical equipment inspection and calibration services.

All inspections are completed by our team of biomedical technicians.

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