The Importance of Autoclave Preventive Maintenance


Importance of Autoclave Preventive Maintenance

Keeping medical equipment in excellent working order protects patients and staff and contributes to proper diagnosis. Quince Medical and Surgical provides preventive maintenance services to ensure that autoclave units perform efficiently and to the manufacturer’s standards. Neglecting maintenance can cause equipment to fail or shorten its service life. Poor maintenance often results in more costly repairs, may cause delays in medical treatment or diagnosis or may compromise patient safety.

Autoclave preventive maintenance ensures that the device operates efficiently, achieves sterility and decontaminates the load. We recommend that daily, weekly and monthly cleaning protocols be followed by medical technicians and staff as per manufacturer’s instructions. However, annual maintenance should be done by qualified maintenance engineers who will inspect, clean and calibrate the equipment.

Our preventive maintenance services ensure autoclave equipment works when it is needed and that readings are accurate. Preventive maintenance includes cleaning each element of the system, replacing worn or damaged parts, cleaning filters, calibrating sensors and checking electrical components.

Maintenance by Quince Medical and Surgical technicians also includes validation and proof of inspection. Validation certifies that the autoclave sterilizes and decontaminates equipment and biological material as specified by the manufacturer and meets other applicable guidelines and requirements.