Maintain Medical Equipment with Quince

Biomedical Equipment Service, Repair And Inspections Fulfill Major Demands

Managing biomedical equipment has become increasingly complex in recent years because of regulatory demands, litigious patients and increased specialization of equipment. That’s why medical, dental and even veterinary practices need to find a reliable service to perform safety inspections, audits, preventative maintenance and repairs. Our services include all these maintenance tasks and other specialities such as providing loaner equipment and sharpening medical devices, implements and surgical instruments.

Providing Fast, Reliable Service

Equipment safety is critical in today’s medical practices where physicians, staff and patients often rely almost exclusively on equipment for testing and medical diagnostics. Medical facilities also have a duty of care to perform regular maintenance on account of regulatory requirements. Our services provide a reliable local source for rentals, emergency repairs, regular maintenance, safety inspections and audits. If you own or manage a physician’s office, surgery center or healthcare facility, it’s increasingly important to document your maintenance efforts, inspection policies and any replacements of worn parts.

We provide documentation that satisfies any reporting regulations, and our routine maintenance cuts costs over long-term periods and ensures that your equipment remains in patient-ready condition. When you schedule–or let us recommend–service times, your biomedical equipment will be maintained and repaired to the highest quality standards. Our services are available to scale for a single department to an entire facility.

Experts in Preventative Maintenance for Key Medical Equipment

Preventative maintenance for medical equipment isn’t just a best practice but a critical duty of care. If something were to go wrong due to equipment failure, a regular maintenance program would protect your business against malpractice lawsuits, fines and penalties. Our technicians are trained and certified for medical repairs and preventative maintenance by independent certification authorities and many equipment manufacturers. Our services include repairs, ongoing maintenance and safety inspections of all kinds of biomedical equipment. These include–but aren’t limited to–EKG machines. sterilizers, infusion pumps, defibrillators and patient monitors.

We carry many kinds of equipment for loaners when the equipment can’t be repaired on-site, and we’re happy to provide loaners when available when your repairs or maintenance needs require more time or equipment removal to our repair facility.

Value-Added Services for Biomedical Facilities

Preventative maintenance and inspections are among the top services that we provide. Regular maintenance can identify issues before they become expensive repair problems or equipment failures. Our technicians are factory trained, respectful and experienced in repairing all types of biomedical equipment. Call or contact us today for further information or a free preventative maintenance consultation.