Shopping for a used or refurbished c-arm

If you’ve ever considered buying or renting a used or refurbished c-arm you know there’s a lot to consider.  Whether you’re opening a new practice, performing new procedures, upgrading your equipment, or need a rental Quince Medical & Surgical LLC can help guide you.

Needs and wants

It’s best to determine your needs and wants early on in the process.  Familiarity, preference, availability and reliability of parts, and service typically count for quite a bit when determining what c-arm you want at your facility.

Sometimes procedures will dictate what type of c-arm is going to be needed.  General and orthopedic procedures typically require general software packages whereas vascular and neurology procedures typically require more advanced software packages that sometimes rely on improved hardware specifications.

Some c-arms such as GE OEC’s Super C have greater arc lengths and depths resulting in slightly greater orbital rotation when compared to regular c-arms.  This can be helpful for when dealing with more challenging angles and larger patients.

With an emphasis on reduced patient exposure some doctors rely on pulsed fluoroscopy modes as opposed to continuous fluoroscopy when possible making this feature important.  Lower pulse rates also lower patient dose; however some procedures require higher frames per second resulting in more radiation dosage if all else remains the same.

Some important tips and considerations

Used equipment is going to be more affordable than refurbished equipment.  Many customers opt for refurbished devices for ease of mind and warranty considerations.  That being said not all sellers refurbish equipment in the same manner.  The goal of refurbishing equipment is to restore it to a condition that’s comparable to new.

At Quince Medical & Surgical a certified technician inspects a c-arm and keeps a log of all components that are replaced for a given machine.  The c-arm is then repainted and inspected again prior to delivery to an end user.  Warranties and a complementary service contract are provided to customers who purchase a c-arm from us within our service area, the Tri-State and eastern PA.

Ask the seller what specifically has been done to deem the unit refurbished.  Inquire about the warranty and service contract terms.  Find out whether the technician that worked on the unit and will provide future warranty and service contract work is certified.

Sometimes used equipment is in excellent shape reducing the need to replace components and provides excellent overall value to end users.  Consider getting a unit inspected by a third party prior to purchase when dealing with used equipment that comes with no warranty.