Reupholster with Quince

Medical Equipment Reupholstery

Over time, exam tables, physical therapy tilt tables, therapeutic chairs, etc. exhibit wear and tear.  Pieces of the padding can crack and rip.  The edging can fray and come away from the metal framework.  Material exposed to sunlight can become hard, flaky, and brittle.  In all cases, reupholstering can bring new life to old equipment and maintain sterility and safety.

We will reupholster with high-quality, long-lasting materials.  Choose from a wide variety of colors.  Speedy turnaround times are offered.  Our staff can pick up your tabletop Friday afternoon and return it Monday morning, so your office will experience little to no downtime.

Reupholstery Midmark Exam Table


A new table may be very costly.  We offer a cost-effective solution that will fit any budget.  Our staff are well-versed with all table and chair models.  We meticulously and skillfully reupholster in our facility to ensure that your exam table doesn’t become a health code violation.  At Quince Medical & Surgical, you can count on both our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence.

Reupholstery Midmark Stools

Medical and Office Equipment Upholstery

We offer our reupholstery services to all medical equipment and office furniture.  If you have doctors’ chairs, stools, or waiting room chairs that need updating, let Quince bring new life to your old furniture and equipment.  Find out more about our processes, products, and services or request a quote.  You can reach us at (973) 521-8769 or [email protected].  We look forward to hearing from you!