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Sell Used Medical Equipment to Quince

Quince is a leader in purchasing medical equipment from a variety of sellers.  Hospitals, surgery centers, sales representatives, service technicians, and materials managers sell medical equipment to Quince.  We buy c-arms, anesthesia machines, autoclaves, ECG/EKG machines, exam tables, infusion pumps, imaging tables, patient monitors, procedure chairs, surgical tables, ultrasound machines, and other categories of medical equipment.

Sell Your Used Medical Equipment

How Does Quince Help

There are a lot of reasons why sellers would like to get rid of their medical devices.  Updating a hospital, surgery center, or other healthcare facility may result in the purchase of new or more updated medical equipment.  Hospitals and surgery centers close and doctors retire from their practices.  Quince buys medical equipment supplementing the budgets of facilities upgrading their medical equipment and provides efficient liquidation of assets for facilities that are closing.

With many years of experience handling the buying process our team will ensure you are paid promptly for your medical equipment including removal from your facility to a responsible HIPAA complaint organization.

Save valuable floor space by selling your unneeded or unused medical equipment and give a second life to devices that can be used by other healthcare facilities to provide services that benefit communities across the globe.

We apply the same results oriented focus in buying medical equipment as we do in other aspects of our business and value the relationships they create.  Our goal is for you to be satisfied enough with us to be your first call anytime you are selling medical equipment.  Our team of experienced professionals is here to help navigate you through the process of selling your medical equipment.  We respond to requests within 1-2 business days.  

What Medical Equipment Does Quince Buy


C-arms are an integral part of surgical centers and hospitals helping surgeons and doctors to operate on patients while taking images with the flexibility to manipulate viewing angles with ease.  Quince buys c-arms from hospitals and surgery centers.

Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia machines can be found in the operating rooms of hospitals, sugery centers, and other facilities that perform procedures requiring general anesthesia for surgery.  We buy anesthesia machines and also accept trade-ins.


Autoclaves are important to the functioning of many types of facilities including surgery centers, dental offices, and many more.  We buy Midmark, Tuttnauer, and other brands of autoclaves and accept trade-ins.

Procedure Chairs and Exam Tables

We buy a wide variety of procedure chairs and exam tables.  Popular brands include Midmark, Brewer, and MTI.  We also purchase the following models for inventory.

  • Midmark 641
  • Midmark 230
  • Midmark 630
  • Midmark 646
  • Midmark 626
  • Midmark 224

If you have a procedure chair or exam table you’re looking to sell contact our team to get an offer.

Surgical and Imaging Tables

We buy surgical and imaging tables and accept trade-ins for sellers looking to upgrade their current medical equipment.  Some brands of surgical and imaging tables we purchase include Steris, Oakworks, Stille, and Biodex among others.

Ultrasound Machines

We purchase ultrasound machines and transducer probes from a wide variety of healthcare facilities.  Regardless of the practice type contact us if you are interested in selling your ultrasound machine and our team will help navigate you through the process.

Other Equipment We Buy

Here’s a list of other medical equipment we buy.

  • Patient Monitors
  • ECG/EKG Machines
  • Infusion Pumps
  • And More

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