The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

Refurbished Medical Equipment

Benefits of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

When it comes to autoclaves and sterilizers, along with a host of other pieces of medical equipment, it just makes sense to get refurbished items. “How can refurbished be as good as new?” we hear people ask. At Quince Medical & Surgical, it is our practice to apply a rigorous attention to detail and an uncompromising standard of excellence to every Bair Hugger, vital sign monitor, and other devices we refurbish. It is our goal to bring every piece to manufacturers’ original specifications. In short, if it’s not exactly “showroom quality,” we don’t offer it.

We take this philosophy very seriously because some devices we refurbish and sell, such as EKG and ECG machines, are those upon which patients depend for their very lives. The same is true of each AED and defibrillator. Our expert technicians focus on the performance and calibration of each device and also ensure that all electrical models pass an electrical safety inspection.

We at Quince Medical & Surgical also perform a stringent medical equipment inspection to ensure each device’s quality and performance. Not every device is complex like an EKG or ECG. There are Midmark exam and procedure tables, stretchers, and manual suction units too. These items must also be “like new” when refurbished because no one wants to climb on an exam table and hit the floor after it collapses!

The Process

First, we select only items that are worthy of refurbishment. What good are Midmark exam and procedure tables where one of the supports has been rusted through? We also wouldn’t refurbish a vital sign monitor with short-circuited internal wiring.

All of the pieces of an item to be refurbished must be at a good spot in the life cycle of the device, which is why a medical equipment inspection is vital. Leaky gaskets on manual suction units or broken air-heating units on a Bair Hugger must be replaced, for example.

Each component, and not just autoclaves and sterilizers, must also be cleaned and sterilized. Performance and calibration mean nothing if the device infects the patient upon which it is used. The same holds true even after a tough electrical safety inspection. Stretchers and AED and defibrillator units may become contaminated after unpacking, but we make sure that they’re clean as a whistle before use.


At Quince Medical & Surgical, we endeavour to provide refurbished products that are indistinguishable from new products. Should you wish to find out more about our products, processes, and overall philosophy, contact us today.