Imaging Equipment

Imaging Equipment

C-arms are crucial for providing top-flight care. The visible-light images they deliver make it much easier for surgeons and radiologists to see and diagnose a wide variety of conditions: much more so than with devices without X-ray image intensifiers. C-arms aren’t just for doctors in clinical settings, but they can also be an exceptional tool during research.

Such research applications include:

• Cardiac studies
• Central, cerebral, and peripheral angiography studies
• Transjugular biopsies, embolizations, TIPS stents, line placements, and other therapeutic studies

The OEC 9800 is a time-tested C-arm that delivers excellent imaging at a cost not nearly as high as you might think. The proprietary imaging processes and technology provide exceptionally clear, 2-D images. The OEC 9800 also has a low-dose option so that physicians can ensure a safe dose every time. Additionally, the OEC 9800 comes with the Brilliant program, which reduces the amount of radiation staff receive even after long-term use.

The processor power on the OEC 9800 allows real-time viewing at 15 frames per second. The simplicity of the user interface compliments that power and increases not only the accuracy of diagnoses but also the patient experience.

The OEC 9900 includes all of the power of the earlier model but also adds several new features. Chief among these is a wireless capability, which includes a foot-activated switch for image capture. Along with the foot pedal, the OEC 9900 includes a screen with 100 times the resolution and power of earlier models.

This power means that the first image is usually sufficient in all settings. Not having to do multiple images cuts down further on staff exposure. The OEC 9900 is also battery-operated in the case of lost power or the need to move the machine away from a power source. The increased uptime this provides improves both efficiency and patient outcomes.

We have both of these exemplary machines available for rent or sale. We take great pains to ensure all of our machines operate as they would “in the showroom.” We also provide service to keep your C-arm in tip-top condition. Our technicians are well-versed in these devices, and they keep themselves apprised of all advances in the field. Over the long haul, we can also give you peace of mind with affordable service contracts. Whether you are part of a neighborhood clinic, major hospital, or other medical facility, you can count on our C-arms to get the job done.

To avoid unit degradation, we keep all of our C-arms in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities that are designed to protect the sensitive and fragile components of these highly technical machines. When we bring you your C-arm, you can rest assured that it is functional and that it has been thoroughly checked for any defect.

We’ll even help you set up your new C-arm, and this includes updating all software to the latest version. You want to be efficient, and we want to help you get there. When it comes to delivering your C-arm, you can count on us to get it there in one piece. Not only are our storage facilities climate-controlled, but our crating for shipping is specifically crafted for air and ocean travel.

We are committed to quality, honesty, and integrity. We strive to make your entire experience as hassle-free as possible and to ensure every C-arm you procure from us meets not only the industry’s rigid specifications but also your discerning eye for excellence.

Our experienced staff will see to your needs before and during installation and will also follow up to make sure everything is right. After all, great products are nothing without great service to back them up. Part of that service is replacing rentals with similar units in the unlikely event of a breakdown or other problem. Basically, if we cannot fix it, we will replace it so that that peace of mind you crave is not interrupted.

When you need medical equipment, you need items upon which you can count. You need a company that stands behind the products it sells and rents. We are that company. Your success is not only our success but also the level of care you provide to your patients. With our equipment, you can give your patients the same peace of mind that we give you.