Midmark Ritter 630 Procedure Chair


At a glance

Condition: Refurbished

Warranty: 1 year

What’s included:

  • Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Chair
  • Hand control
  • Foot control (optional)
  • Upholstery (you choose the color)
  • Power cord

Midmark Ritter 630 Procedure Chair

A refurbished Midmark Ritter 630 Procedure Chair can be
a reliable part of many healthcare facilities.
No matter what type of procedures you perform, proper
positioning is crucial to providing accessibility and flexibility
at the point of care. Power height, back, foot and tilt gives
the Midmark 630 virtually endless movement capabilities,
allowing you to position patients correctly for the most effective
procedure. And, adjustable height allows you to work in a
position that is comfortable for you.


Patient Weight (maximum):

450 lbs (204.1 kg)

Paper Roll (maximum size):

18 in. long x 3.5 in. diameter
(45.7 x 8.9 cm)

Weight of Table:

630 (with standard base): 455 lbs (206.4 kg)
with packaging & skid: 510 lbs (231.3 kg)
630 (with rotational base): 540 lbs (244.9 kg)
with packaging & skid: 600 lbs (271.1 kg)

Power Cord:

8 ft. (243.8 cm) long

Foot / Hand Control Voltage:

10 VAC, SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)

Duplex Receptacle (optional) maximum load:

115 VAC, 3A, 50/60 Hz


Located at power cord inlet:

F1 & F2

6.3 A, 250V, Type T, 5 x 20 mm

Duty Cycle (motor run time):

Intermittent Operation
[30 seconds ON / 5 minutes OFF]


Class 1, Type B Applied Part

What’s Included:

  1. Midmark 630 Barrier-Free Procedure Chair
  2. Hand control
  3. Foot control (optional)
  4. Upholstery (you choose the color)
  5. Power cord
  6. 1 year warranty


Head-and-Neck Access
and Positioning

Whether your need is to tilt
the patient’s head or adjust for
different procedures or patient
heights, an adjustable headrest
affords versatile head-and-neck

Premium Comfort System™

Advanced elastomeric material
stretched over a seat cut-out
enhances patient comfort for a
“chair-like” feel in a procedures

Care Migration…increase patient comfort, promote workflow efficiency.


Table movement can be controlled
by hand, foot or both.



Articulating Armboard 9A81 003-10308-99

Adjustable Arm System (9A328001, 9A328002 / 9A350003) 003-10405-99

Spline Brackets for Adjustable Arm System (9A350002) 003-1429-00

Fixed Armboard 9A179 003-10312-99

Hand Surgery Armboard 9A82 003-10309-99

Base/Side Rails

Base Rails 9A205 003-0768-00

Side Security Panels 9A157 003-10310-99


Caster Base 9A330 003-1427-00

Casters 9A365 003-1651-00

Hand/Foot Controls

Foot Control: Disc-style 9A370/Linear-style 9A371 003-1441-00

Wireless Hand/Foot Control 9A408 User Guide 003-1735-00


Contoured Headrest 9A332/9A339 003-1408-00

Facial Pad 9A51 003-10401-99

Oversized Headrests 9A331/9A338/9A342/9A343 003-1459-00

Oversized Footrests 9A337/9A341/9A344/9A345 003-1504-00

Special Procedures Headrest 9A199 003-0940-00

Install Assist Tool

Install Assist Tool 9A680 Quick Reference Guide 003-2557-99

Install Assist Tool User Guide 003-10211-99

Instrument Tray

Instrument Tray – Double Arm 9A267 003-10314-99

IV Pole

IV Pole 9A77 003-10313-99

Knee Crutches/Brackets

Standard/Articulating 9A410/9A411/9A412 003-10286-99

Light Brackets

Ritter 253 Light 9A457 Base Rail Mount System 003-2183-00

Security Straps

Security Straps 9A214 – No longer available for this product

Swing Arm Instrument Tray/PC Work Shelf

Swing Arm Instrument Tray/PC Work Shelf 9A427/9A428 003-10404-99

Urology Drain

Factory Installed 9A329001 003-1530-00

Field Installed 9A329002 003-1428-00

Vision Block Screen

Vision Block Screen 9A78 003-0935-00


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