GE Carestation 620 Anesthesia Machine

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The Carestation 620 anesthesia machine is compact, economical, and easy to use.  It is sleek and designed to suit the smallest of spaces.  The workspace is efficient and space optimized.  It was designed to keep the cost of ownership low with features such as reliable planned maintenance, modular components, and a long service life in mind.

Includes: TEC 6 Plus and TEC 7 Vaporizers

Optional: GE B40 Monitor w/ Sigle-Width Airway Module N-CAIO


High touch precision. Low flow performance.

GE is a leader in designing Carestations specifically suited to the practice of low-flow anesthesia delivery and its fast wash-in/wash-out requirements. Ensuring quick patient response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agent may positively impact anesthetic costs and improve induction and emergence — optimizing time in the OR.

The Carestation 620 is a compact, versatile and easy to use anesthesia system designed to help clinicians deliver reliable anesthesia care to solve today’s toughest challenges.

  • Small footprint: mobility & rugged durability
  • Simple and fast guided daily checkout process —as fast as three minutes
  • Intuitive flat menu UI & ergonomic touches
  • Easy disassembly & cleaning


Height: 135 cm / 53.1 in
Width: 82.5 cm / 32.4 in
Depth: 75 cm / 29.5 in
Weight: 145 kg / 320 lb

Top shelf
Weight limit: 25 kg / 55 lb
Width: 41.3 cm / 16.3 in
Depth: 27.0 cm / 10.6 in

Work surface
Height: 83.6 cm / 32.9 in
Size: 1930 cm2 / 299 in2
Size: 2950 cm2 / 471 in2

Upper left Datex-Ohmeda (DO) dovetail
Dovetail length: 54 cm/21.3 in

Lower left Datex-Ohmeda (DO) dovetail
Dovetail length: 28 cm/11.0 in

Right Datex-Ohmeda (DO) dovetail
Dovetail length: 96.4 cm/38.0 in

Drawers (internal dimensions)
Top and middle: 8.6 cm/3.4 in
Bottom: 13.3 cm/5.2 in
Width: 34 cm/13 in
Depth: 37 cm/14.6 in

Manual ventilation bag arm (optional)
Arm length: 39.8 cm/15.7 in
Bag arm height (adjustable): 53 cm/20.9 in; 136 cm/53.5 in

Diameter: 12.5 cm/4.9 in
Brakes: Central Brake


90 day parts and labor warranty for the anesthesia machine (vaporizers not included)

Manufacturer’s warranty for the GE B40 Monitor and Sigle-Width Airway Module N-CAIO+

GE field technician performed a PM on this unit and vaporizers between May 6-11 2021


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