Mindray A5 Anesthesia Machine

The Mindray A5 Anesthesia System has advanced ventilation modes with digital technology with optional integrated gas analysis, capnography & spirometry loops for effective care.

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Features of the Mindray A5 Anesthesia System:

  • Microprocessor controlled bellows ventilator with:
    • Volume Control Ventilation (VCV)
    • Pressure Control Ventilation (PCV)
    • Pressure Support (PS) Ventilation
    • Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation in Volume & Pressure Modes (SIMV-VC & SIMV-PC)
  • Optional Integrated Gas Analysis Provides Dual Agent auto identification, age-based MAC values and capnography
  • Automatic Compliance Compensation and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal Volumes
  • Warmed Breathing System (35°C) nearly eliminates internal condensation
  • Auxillary Oxygen/Air Flow Meters deliver blended gas, reducing combustible O2 concentration
  • 15″ Color Touchscreen with Digital Flow meters with customizable settings & backup touchpad
  • Built in Caster Guard Design clears away cables and hoses
  • Single Container Absorber reduces compressible dead space volume and accepts non-proprietary prepackaged and loose fill absorbent
  • Deck Lighting w/ Adjustable Brightness Control
  • Optional Integrated Gas Analysis with Auto Agent ID, Capnography, age calculated MAC value
  • Adult, Pediatric & Infant Settings
  • Two Hour Battery Backup
  • 3-Year Warranty


Height: 55.1″ (140 cm)

Width: 41.3″ (105 cm)

Depth: 31.7″ (80.5 cm)

Weight (without vaporizers & gas cylinders): 353 lbs (160 kg)

Work Surface: 24.2″ W x 15″ D x 33.4″ H (61.6 cm x 38 cm x 85 cm)

Drawers (3): 5.3″ H x 17.3″ W x 15.1″ D (13.5 cm x 44 cm x 38.5 cm)

Casters (Dual Wheel):

  • Diameter: 6″ (15 cm)
  • Cable/Hose Guards: Built-in
  • Central Brake: Controls all 4 casters

Electrical Specification

  • Power and Battery Back-up
    • Mains Power Supply: 100-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    • Current Input: 12A Total Max
    • Power Consumption: Approx. 200 VA
    • Power Cord: Line . Cord
    • Backup Battery Run Time: Approx. 150 min
    • Backup Battery Charge Time: 8 Hours Max


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