Reupholster Your Exam Tables with Quince


Exam Table Reupholstery

Over time, even the most sturdily constructed examination tables, physical therapy tilt tables, and therapeutic chairs exhibit wear. Pieces of the padding can crack and fall out. The edging can fray and come away from the metal framework. Material exposed to sunlight can become hard, flaky, and brittle. In all cases, any such problem is not only unpleasant but may also rise to the level of a health code violation.

We will reupholster your exam tables with high-quality, long-lasting materials. We are especially versed in all Ritter models. We have a wide variety of colors that you have the choice of. From an exam table to a rehabilitative chair, we offer a turnaround time that is usually a day. We can pick up your tabletop Friday afternoon and return it Monday morning, so your office will experience little to no downtime.


A new table might run into thousands of dollars, but we offer a cost-effective solution that will fit your needs. We’re well-versed with all table and chair models, including those that are powered and have upholstered hinges. You can count on our know-how and skills as we ensure that your exam table doesn’t become a health code violation.

At Quince Medical & Surgical, you can count on both our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence in all facets of the business, including communication. We also believe in unflinching honesty and integrity.

Medical Equipment Upholstery

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