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Sell Used Medical Equipment to Quince

Quince is a leader in purchasing medical equipment from a variety of sellers.  Hospitals, surgery centers, sales representatives, service technicians, materials managers, and others sell medical equipment to Quince.  We buy c-arms, surgical tables, ultrasound machines, and more.

Sell Your Used Medical Equipment

Why Should You Choose Us

There are many reasons hospitals, surgery centers, and others decide to sell to us.  In some cases they may be updating a facility.  These updates result in the seller buying new products.  Quince purchases the products that no longer will be used resulting in a win-win scenario.  

When hospitals and surgery centers close or doctors retire from their practice Quince is able to quickly liquidate assets and has the scale to purchase large dollar volumes.  Our industry expertise ensures that you are promptly paid and removal is scheduled resulting in a hassle-free experience.

Quince’s principles of fairness, integrity, and professionalism will be evident in every aspect of the buying process.  With many years of experience in this industry we pride ouselves in building lasting relationships.  Quince buys medical equipment chat, call, or email us to sell used medical equipment and be a valued partner.  We respond to email inquiries within one business day.

Here are a few of the benefits of selling your medical devices to Quince.  Storage and floor space don’t have to be distant memories.  Assets are liquidated at market value and Quince has the scale to purchase large dollar volumes.  Our experienced buyers purchase for stock often leading to expedited transactions.  Reusing medical devices reduces waste.  Our technicinas are able to refurbish used machines for use in other facilities.  Contact one of our representatives today to sell or trade-in and focus on what you do best, patient care.    

Sell Used Medical Devices

Buyers and Purchasing Department

Quince understands that all situations are different.  When submitting the form tell us what’s important to you.  Do you need to have everything removed by a cerain date?  Do you require liquidation of an entire facility?

The form requires you to include your first and last name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, email, and a description of the equipment you’re trying to sell.  Tell us about the equipment, add a picture, and describe the condition of the product.  Quince is a HIPAA compliant company.

To process the medical equipment that is sold to us we test and inspect the device to determine what, if anything, requires repair or replacement.  After any parts are repaired or replaced the unit undergoes further testing to ensure it’s within calibration and preventive maintenance guidelines before passing a final quality control assessment to ensure the product is functioning properly and ready for patient use.

Top Used Medical Equipment to Sell


Most facilities with operating rooms have a c-arm or mini c-arm.  These devices help surgeons and doctors to operate on patients while taking images with the flexibility to manipulate viewing angles with ease.  Quince buys c-arms and accepts trade-ins.

Infusion Pumps

Infusion pumps are in constant demand. Contact us today to get an offer for your infusion pump.

Electrosurgical Units and RF Generators

We primarily purchase surgical equipment and electrosurgical units are in constant demand.  We also buy RF Generators.

Surgical and Imaging Tables

When you have a surgical or imaging table to sell be sure to contact us.  We accept surgical and imaging tables in working condition.


Autoclaves are important to the functioning of many types of facilities including surgery centers, dental offices, and many more.  We buy Midmark, Tuttnauer, and other brands of autoclaves and accept trade-ins.

Contact Our Medical Purchasing Department

If you would like to contact our buyers please chat, call toll free using 866-601-8353 , or email us at [email protected].

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