ConMed 5000 ESU with Mono and Bi-Polar Foot Switches and Optional Cart


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This unit is available pre-owned/used and new.

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The System 5000™ Electrosurgery Generator (ESU) unites technology with versatility providing the opportunity to fine tune the electrosurgical generator to specific procedure and surgeon preferences. Unique modes on the System 5000™ include the Fluids Mode, for an additional boost of energy in procedures taking place in a fluid environment, and Lap Mode, which limits open circuit voltages to below 2700 volts in all modes and reduces the potential risk of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling.

Reliability, Precision and Patient Safety

Since its introduction, the System 5000™ Electrosurgical Unit (ESU) has become
synonymous with safety, performance, precision and reliability. Trusted around the
world, the versatility of the System 5000 meets a variety of procedure-specific
energy output needs including General, Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery.

Controlled Energy for the Desired Clinical Effect to Tissue

Proprietary Dynamic Response Technology samples the current and voltage 450,000
times per second which enables it to respond to tissue impedance changes in less
than 10 milliseconds. This ensures the precise voltage needed is safely delivered to
each tissue type.

Reduced Risk of Coupling and Inadvertent Burns Helps Improve Patient Safety

The System 5000’s Lap mode provides a unique safety feature that significantly
reduces the risk of coupling and inadvertent burns during laparoscopic and robotic
surgery by limiting voltage in all monopolar modalities to below 2,700 volts.

Unique Pulse Coag Mode Helps Minimize Blood Loss

With pulsing coagulation energy on and off every 2.5 milliseconds, precise
hemostasis with less tissue carbonization than standard coag at equivalent power
settings, is achieved.

Warranty: 90 days parts and labor for pre-owned/used and manufacturer’s warranty for new

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Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 6 in
Pre-Owned/Used or New

Pre-Owned/Used, New


Pre-Owned/Used: 90 days parts and labor

New: Manufacturer’s Warranty


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