Imaging Equipment

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C-arms are crucial for providing top-flight care. The visible-light images they deliver make it much easier for surgeons and radiologists to see and diagnose a wide variety of conditions: much more so than with devices without X-ray image intensifiers. C-arms aren't just for doctors in clinical settings, but they can also be an exceptional tool during research. Such research applications include: • Cardiac studies • Central, cerebral, and peripheral angiography

The Benefits of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment

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Benefits of Buying Refurbished Medical Equipment When it comes to autoclaves and sterilizers, along with a host of other pieces of medical equipment, it just makes sense to get refurbished items. "How can refurbished be as good as new?" we hear people ask. At Quince Medical & Surgical, it is our practice to apply a rigorous attention to detail and an uncompromising standard of excellence to every Bair Hugger, vital

Maintain Medical Equipment with Quince

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Biomedical Equipment Service, Repair And Inspections Fulfill Major Demands Managing biomedical equipment has become increasingly complex in recent years because of regulatory demands, litigious patients and increased specialization of equipment. That's why medical, dental and even veterinary practices need to find a reliable service to perform safety inspections, audits, preventative maintenance and repairs. Our services include all these maintenance tasks and other specialities such as providing loaner equipment and sharpening

How to Sterilize Medical Instruments

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The Importance of Sterilization Infection control is an important part of healthcare today. As the practice seeks to continue improving the health of the population, they take steps to ensure the control of bacterial contamination through preventive strategies such as sterilization. Sterilization is an important part of patient safety in hospitals today as it ensures the protection of the patient, staff, and physician from the various infectious diseases that they

Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections (NFPA99) in Healthcare Facilities

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Technology and healthcare have synchronized, and today, it is no wonder that electrical devices are found in the rooms of patients in every hospital. Over the years, the healthcare system has developed concepts that have been able to help ensure that the healthcare environment is safe for patients, physicians and caregivers. The electrical safety inspections came in as a parameter through which the safety of the hospital equipment could be

The Importance of Autoclave Preventive Maintenance

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Importance of Autoclave Preventive Maintenance Keeping medical equipment in excellent working order protects patients and staff and contributes to proper diagnosis. Quince Medical and Surgical provides preventive maintenance services to ensure that autoclave units perform efficiently and to the manufacturer's standards. Neglecting maintenance can cause equipment to fail or shorten its service life. Poor maintenance often results in more costly repairs, may cause delays in medical treatment or diagnosis or