• Condition: Used (Very Good) - Fully Functional and No Apparent Cosmetic Damage Disclaimer: Mindray Passport 12 Patient Monitor not included as shown in images above. Mindray Passport 12 is listed separately. For further details on a purchase of both the Mindray Passport 12 and the AG Module, please contact us at sales@quincemedical.com Warranty not included for the AG module Fully Tested by Biomed Technician
  • Condition: Pre-Owned DOM: 2017
  • Mindray A7 Anesthesia Machine Mindray A7 Anesthesia Machine
    The Mindray A7 Anesthesia System offers advanced ventilation with electronic fresh gas control technology and Optimizer functionality. The Mindray A-Series Anesthesia Delivery Systems helps to manage complex functions with intuitive, easy to use, safe & reliable approach to anesthesia delivery. Factory New 3-Three Warranty Contact for Pricing
  • The Mindray A5 Anesthesia System has advanced ventilation modes with digital technology with optional integrated gas analysis, capnography & spirometry loops for effective care. Factory New 3-Year Warranty Contact for Pricing  
  • Mindray's A3 Anesthesia System combines simplicity and ease of use with advanced technology. With ventilation modes, large display, touchscreen control and removing menus, trim knobs and dedicated buttons, the A3 Anesthesia System promotes simple utility. Factory New 3-Year Warranty Contact For Pricing

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