About Quince

Quince Medical & Surgical is a small but expanding company to service all biomedical facility needs—inspections, services, repairs, rentals and purchasing and selling equipment. Safe, reliable and compliant medical equipment service is our primary objective. We pride ourselves in the personal attention we provide for each of our clients, catering to every aspect of their biomedical facilities. Our experienced team of biomedical technicians are trained, certified and equipped with state-of-the-art technology and tools to repair and maintain a wide range of patient care and diagnostic equipment.

In need of equipment to buy or rent? We have recently invested in a large inventory of new and refurbished equipment to support our clients’ needs. Our technicians ensure that all equipment leaving our warehouse has been meticulously tested and certified to be safe and compliant.

At Quince we understand how critical equipment safety and performance is in today’s medical environment. It is our mission to provide the most professional customer service and adhere to the highest quality standards. Let Quince be your local source for all your medical equipment needs. Contact us today for more information.